New Series Rattan Furniture

SLC is releasing a new series of rattan furniture, including rattan sofa sets and rattan dining set. This series of products have wooden look legs, which look like wood, but it is actually alunimun but with wooden look painting. And the legs are KD packaged, so the container loadability is bigger than the old style products, the shipping and the transportation will be more cost effective. We have manufactured and shipped big quantity of the below models to Europe and North America, which are the top popular models currently.  6mm half round rattan applied in these new products make the furniture sets look very high end and the good quality make them suitable for various outdoor spaces, no matter for home use or for commercial use. 

Model: SC-1721

sc-1721 (3).JPG

Model: SC-1722

sc-1722 (1).JPG

Model: SC-1723

sc-1723 (3).JPG

Model: SC-1724

sc-1724 (3).JPG